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“Rising Above The Workplace Bully”

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But, Before I Go Too Far Telling You About This Free E-Book, “Rising Above The Workplace Bully”, Let Me Back Up And Tell You About My Own Encounter With A Workplace Bully And Why I Wrote This Book.

A number of years ago I was employed by a large hospital in S. Calif.  Working there was wonderful and I especially liked the team I was with and had never even heard about or witnessed being around a workplace bully.

Anyway, I was working one day as usual and started feeling ill and very weak. A couple of people there ran me down to the emergency room to get checked out. There they found that something wasn’t working right in my heart.

I Was Only In My 30’s

And I Needed Open Heart Surgery!

The cardiology dept discovered that a valve in my heart wasn’t working properly and that I required surgery to fix it. My boss told me that they would keep my position open for me once I recovered.

After I had recovered, I did go back to work doing the same things as before. However, after resuming my normal routine, my boss brought me to her office and explained that I had made some errors in the paper work and inputting into the database. This was the start of 3 months of deliberate torment by this workplace bully and her cohorts.

All Of A Sudden I Couldn’t Do Anything Right!

The reprimanding continued on almost a daily basis for work that I had allegedly done incorrectly. (The workplace bully had started her campaign against me). I felt like I was getting close to having a complete emotional breakdown. Even though I was going back and making sure that everything I did was done correctly, the mistakes kept popping up every day.

My friendly team mates were not so friendly anymore either because the workplace bully had gotten to them and I was pretty much being ignored by them no matter how hard I tried to have everything be the way it was before my surgery. I struggled to figure out what was going on and why it was just me that was being singled out. It was like my life was being turned inside out.

Then Came The Huge Blowup And Ultimatum!

The almost daily put downs and reprimands that were being thrown at me by this workplace bully lasted for 3 long months before I was handed an ultimatum. I was given the choice of either being put on a 90 day probation or leaving the job immediately.

I had no idea that I was being intentionally targeted by a workplace bully so I started going to a psychologist because I was real concerned with my mental and emotional state of being. My supervisor and several others at work had succeeded in convincing me that my mind had gone.

My boss and some of the other workers that were under her control, would sabotage my work and then on the following day I would be reprimanded for all the errors I had allegedly done.

I Was Positive That I Was About To Have A Mental Breakdown!

I resigned immediately and left. I walked out crying, not able to understand whether or not I had suffered an emotional or mental breakdown.

I just couldn’t understand why. I was certain that my daily tasks met their standards and were done properly because I was checking.

The pain, both physical and emotional this workplace bully had caused  broke my spirit completely.

The enormous amount of stress I suffered with made me unable to go out in public by myself for seven years. I was subsequently required to have a professional counsel and treat me for agoraphobia that whole time.

The Reason That I Write About The Workplace Bully Is So You Don’t Have To Suffer The Same Kind of Pain That I Did!

The books I have authored have one purpose, to bring about solutions and healing for people who have been victimized by a workplace bully.

In this book:

  • You will learn: The different types of workplace bullies there are and the unhealthy behaviors they use to control their victims on a daily or even hourly basis!
  • You will Learn: The one type of abuse that 80% of people just like you suffer with while at work (and may not even realize it) and what you can do to avoid it altogether.

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